Our team

Brian Loewen 

Brian is the founder, owner and manager of Loewen Fine Woodworking Ltd. Brian graduated from NAIT as a journeyman cabinetmaker in May of 1993. Since starting Loewen Fine Woodworking in 1994, Brian has devoted his life to building a thriving and reputable custom woodworking shop. 

Rosella Loewen 

Rosella has been the finance manager since the company was founded. Rosella has since completed a certificate of Interior Design at the U of A  in May of 2014. She continues to assist clients with colour and material choices both for Loewen Fine Woodworking and as an independent consultant. 

Autumn Fritzler

Autumn has been working for the company as a junior designer since 2010, learning how to successfully manage the office and more technical aspects of the company as well as to begin designing. Autumn completed a 2 year Interior Design Technology program at Lakeland college in June of 2015 and is now a full time designer and office manager.

Production Team

                   Abe Fehr                       Frank Weibe         George Wiebe   John Wiebe   John Neufeld   John Peters   Brian Loewen

It's our production team that makes your vision a reality! these are the individuals who actualize your project. Whether is be hand distressing a rustic cabinet door or perfecting the sheen of a granite edge, this team makes it happen!

Take a look at some of the beautiful work this team has produced.