One Year Limited Warranty 

Congratulations on the purchase of your new custom kitchen! 

Thank you for purchasing custom cabinetry from Loewen Fine Woodworking Ltd. We at Loewen Fine Woodworking are proud to offer quality cabinetry, designed and constructed to last a life time, however we cannot be responsible for normal wear and tear, or damage due to misuse, negligence, improper storage, handling, cleaning, fading, patina, staining, excessive heat, water penetration, changes in the climate or force majeure. Below are the conditions of our one-year warranty. 

A one year warranty is provided for all material, and workmanship in the construction of our cabinetry, cabinet doors, the finish on our doors and parts, and counter tops including laminate, wood, solid surface, quartz and granite. (With the exception of painted finishes.)

Loewen Fine Woodworking Ltd. will replace, repair or make appropriate adjustments if a defect is found in normal use. This warranty excludes damage due to product abuse, misuse or an installation error when Loewen Fine Woodworking Ltd. does not install the product. In no event shall the liability of Loewen Fine Woodworking Ltd. exceed the purchase price of the product. 

Adjustments, which are required due to settling and/or drying out of the house, are not considered defects and therefore are not covered under this warranty. Such adjustments include but are not limited to, adjustment to doors, drawers or cabinet accessories. This warranty also does not apply to difference in the natural color and grain of wood or granite, cracking/peeling of painted finishes and counter seams due to changes in humidity, climate and other factors not related to the fabrication of the finished product. We will always do our best to repair any problems that may occur but due to the many variables of applying a painted finish to wood as well as the fact that we do not recommend painted finishes in Alberta's climate, we will not warranty any painted finish. 

The warranty becomes null and void if the cabinets or counters are altered in any way after installation. 

Wood will continue to expand and contract with seasonal changes therefore hairline cracks at door joints and movement of wood panels are characteristic of wood cabinetry and not eligible for warranty. These will be most noticeable on painted finishes.

Granite and quartz products are tough but not indestructible, chips on edges and around sinks from daily use are normal and shall not be cause for warranty work. Counters may scratch from cutting or dragging heavy objects across.

If you believe you have a warranty claim please contact us and someone will come out to evaluate your request.



Brian Loewen

Owner and Manager of Loewen Fine Woodworking